Armed Security Guard Services

Often regarded as the most lethal form of protection, armed security guard services is also proven to be the most effective in defensive or deterrant situations.

Defensive Measures That Cannot Be Beaten

In a new age where technology has began to replace humans in many settings, the presence of a physically fit, armed security guard is not and will never be one of those situations. State of the art alarm & monitoring systems may deter inexperienced burglars from your home or business setting, but once your dwelling has already been broken into, there is no physical presence stopping thieves from what they do best.
High levels of security, or armed guard services may be necessary or required in many situations. Large public events, concerts, sporting events, healthcare and manufacturing facilities are all common areas where the protection of individuals are at stake as many of these organizations do not have in-house security measures available to them. Diversified Protective’s licensed and highly-trained armed guard security team is your #1 choice for private and public protection throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex.

Unrivaled Experience & Training

Diversified Protective accentuates on providing the best armed guard services by preparing our team with regular training classes. While proper use of firearms is an ability which all of our armed security guards are equipped, they also strongly prepared and disciplined in the following:
  • Crowd Control / Threat Assessment
  • Foot / Vehicle Patrol Techniques
  • Defensive Tactics
  • First Aid / CPR Certified
  • Emergency Drill & Communications
  • Criminal Law

Off Duty Police Officers

The protection of your business and/or people within your event location is a priority to our team, which is why we employ off duty police officers. Off duty police officers contribute a much regimented approach to assignments with their compounded hours of training and on-the-job experience. By involving this type of team dynamic, numerous clients have reported significant drops in crime-related incidents after a short period of time due to our organized patrol approach.

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Best Armed Guard Security Services in Dallas - Fort Worth

The safety of our clients and reputation of our organization is taken very seriously at Diversified Protective, which is why we hire only the most qualified prospects to join our team. Our rigorous and comprehensive background screening process includes an aptitude test to ensure our new recruits are not only capable of displaying proficiency in security, but also in customer service, emergency drill and communications, and other complementary manners. By employing our meticulous hiring procedures, Diversified Protective promises 100% satisfaction guarantee that our clients will receive the best armed security guard services operation available in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.