Off Duty Police Officers providing armed security guard services is proven to be very effective in defensive or deterrent situations.

Defensive Measures That Cannot Be Beaten

In a new age where technology has began to replace humans in many settings, the presence of an off duty police officer is not and will never be one of those situations. State of the art alarm & monitoring systems may deter inexperienced burglars from your home or business setting, but once your dwelling has already been broken into, there is no physical presence stopping thieves from what they do best.

High levels of security or off duty police officers may be necessary or required in many situations. Large public events, concerts, sporting events, healthcare and manufacturing facilities are all common areas where the protection of individuals are at stake as many of these organizations do not have in-house security measures available to them. Diversified Protective can contract off duty police officers as your #1 choice for private and public protection throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex.

Unrivaled Experience & Training

Diversified Protective expands upon providing the best armed guard services by contracting certified off duty police officers. While proper use of firearms is an ability which all of our armed security guards are equipped, Off Duty police officers are also strongly prepared and disciplined in the following:

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