Private Investigator

Every private investigator at Diversified Protective is equipped with a state-license and has years of on-the-job experience. Learn below how we can assist you.

Private InvestigationS

Whether you are an individual, law firm, business, or insurance company, our private investigators have proven experience to provide investigation services specific to your needs. Our private investigators have successfully provided investigation services to clients in a wide spectrum of concern areas including criminal investigations, family court, insurance claims, employment liability, missing persons, fugitive recovery and other investigation services specific to individual needs.

As a carefully formed private investigations agency of recognized subject matter experts, we work with you and provide the right resources specific to the investigation need. We consistently adhere to strict quality and privacy standards in order to ensure our work remains unbiased, relevant, and accurate. When you decide to work with Diversified Protective Group, you’re guaranteed accurate, honest and timely results. 

Diversified Protective Group’s investigation team is comprised of former law enforcement criminal investigators, detectives, and former military personnel with backgrounds in counterdrug, counterintelligence, and long range surveillance.

Investigation Services We Provide: