Security Officers in Fort Worth

Services Provided:

Armed Uniformed Security Officers in Fort Worth or Dallas  

Un-Armed Uniformed Security Guards 

Off Duty Police in Fort Worth or Dallas 

Personal Protection Officers   

Event Security  

Retail Venues  


Security Consulting  

Patrol Services (Foot Patrol, Bike Patrol, Vehicle Patrol)  

Parking Lot/Garage  

Shopping Mall  

Apartment Complexes  

Ranches and Estates  

Oil / Gas Sites


Our  Security Officers provide a multitude of general security duties  including building lock-ups, employee escorts, front desk coverage, foot patrols and parking enforcement to name a few.  Our goal is to supply  our clients with the highest quality security officers available, while  maintaining a price you can afford. 


Each employee undergoes a thorough background investigation and is licensed by the Texas DPS Private Security Bureau.    


Quality training is the key to professional service. Our officers attend a 40 hour state certified training course that includes field note taking, report writing, emergency response, Texas laws, powers and authority, and firearms training if applicable. On the job training is site specific and tailored to each duty post.  


Supervisors  conduct training and make inspections around the clock to ensure  excellent performance and professional standards of appearance.   Supervisors are available to immediately respond to any serious incident  that might occur on your property and serve as a backup to assist local  authorities, your personnel, or our Security officers. 


Our clients have access to our officers through our 24 hour dispatch system.  Our project managers maintain close relationships with our clients to insure the highest level of customer service.


Employees  are licensed under Texas DPS PSB license number C-17398.  We are in  compliance with all federal and state requirements regarding workers  compensation, unemployment, and liability insurance.