Unarmed Security Guard Services

When maintaining surveillance and/or crowd control maneuvers in a public setting is necessary, unarmed security guard services are a highly reliable option to preserve the safety of the community.

Licensed Unarmed Security Guards of Dallas - Fort Worth

Maintaining security in a large public setting can be regarded as a daunting task as it involves a great deal of organization to ensure the safety of an abundant population. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor event or upholding protection within a residential district such as an apartment complex, unarmed security guards can ensure a high degree of safety and an extra layer of deterrence to criminal behavior. At Diversified Protective, these types of scenarios are very common to our team of licensed and certified unarmed security guards, as we provide safety procedures to similar situations daily. With our years of experience, the variety of training methods and security operations we use have proven to be exceedingly effective to the communities of the Dallas – Fort Worth area.

Industry-Best Extensive Training Methods

Each and every security guard personnel at Diversified Protective is licensed & certified, as well as receives extensive training in the following:

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